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How to Hack Wi-Fi Passwords

  Chances are you have a Wi-Fi network at home, or live close to one (or more) that tantalisingly pop up in a list whenever you boot up the laptop. The problem is if there’s a lock next to the name, that indicates security for the Wi-Fi network is turned

[Trick] How to get Chat head in Whatsapp like FB Messenger

We all aware of Facebook Messenger Chat head feature and almost everyone loves it though it is not available in ios version of Facebook.It works on any platform such as Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Android.What about if you get same chat head feature in WhatsApp also.Isn’t interesting !! Yeah, now you can

5 ways to customize ur Android home screen

When you first fire up an Android gadget and get past the lock screen, you’ll find yourself on the home screen. Depending on who manufactured your gadget, it might be sparse with just a few icons, or crammed with icons and widgets. The good thing about Android is that you

Say Goodbye to Google Contact Sync & Google Drive, Welcome OwnCloud

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am paranoid. I don’t really like companies knowing much about me and Google is one such company that knows where I go, which device I use, who are my contacts, whom I contact via email and probably much more that my better half (note yet) would possibly know about

Google “Play Store” vs “Aptoide”

Although Google Play Store is the first choice in every user’s mind when it comes to downloading a new application for their Android mobile device, is good to know that there is another option:  Aptoide, a challenge to Google Play Store that brings a different approach to apps downloading. We will make

Say Goodbye to Google Play Store, Welcome FOSS Alternatives

Getting rid of Google on Android isn’t easy and convenient but it is possible. If you had read one of my previous posts, you must be knowing how you can replace Google Contact sync and Google Drive with OwnCloud. Sure, that costs you a little but it is worth what you

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Moto G

1. You first have to power off your Android smartphone. In order to do that, press the power button and select “power off”.2. Wait a few seconds and then press the volume up and volume down buttons along with the power button at the same time for about 3, or 4 seconds.3. Release