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Google launches YouTube Go app in India

Google has announced YouTube Go, a new app designed to broaden the accessibility of its video-sharing service. Designed and developed with Indian users in mind, who will be able to test the app first before the worldwide rollout, YouTube Go is intended to work more effectively in areas where connectivity

Google Fiber Phone to launch in US with unlimited calling

Google is planning to roll out the next evolution in landlines, the Fiber Phone, and a related subscription service at $10 per month (around Rs 660). The service will offer unlimited local and national calls as well as international rates at par with Google Voice, which works out to Rs 0.6 per minute

Google announces the next version of Android

Google releases Android N Developer Preview Six new features you need to know: When it comes to popular tech companies, it is quite difficult to keep a product release a secret, and that’s why Google has managed to surprise us all with the Android N Developer Preview. Yes, most of

The Story of Google

Some funny-sounding brand names have made it into history but not many got there because of misspelling. As was Google, which is named after the scientific word that refers to extremely large numbers, googol. The name was suggested by Sean Anderson – asgoogolplex – to Larry Page – who decided on googol – but