Apple Launched the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus along with Apple watch :Everything you Need to know

We’ll be updating as the event goes Stay tuned !!! 😀
1.Nintendo’s Mario is exclusively coming to iOS ,”Super Mario Run” One handed gameplay ease….!

marios-new-ios games-mario






2. New Apple watch & collaboration with the creators to bring pokemon Go on your watch , new waterproof tech that throws water out-off the watch , new display , new cpu called s2 sip, now the apple watch will also come in ceramic ,New variant of apple watch Nike + is announced with special target audience that’s runners & hikers !  !


watch pokemon-go-on-yiur-hand


Prices for apple watch are out New apple watch & Nike + is priced at 369 $
& regular one with new cpu is for just 269 $

3. New iphone 7 4.7″ is out & now also a iPhone 7 plus 5.5″  with dual cameras
10-x-zoom dual-cams qqwqw

Specs are 12mp sensor ,ois,  quad-LED, f1.8 aperture & new sex-element lens !
Plus has dual camera both 12mp one with wide angle with deep depth preview with 10x zoom !

Stereo Speakers & no audio jack &  you also a audio adapter like the Motorola Moto Z
no-audio-jack l9ghtning sdcs

Going wireless with Airpods for 159$

Now the Performance , the New chip called the A10 Fusion which is a 4 core processor & a 6 core cpu !
121211 4-core


for iphone 7 @ 649$ & starts from 32GB & goes upto 256 GB

The iphone 7 Plus starts from a crazy 769$



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